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I am made for More

Jessica Taylor

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusive Development

There is a space that exists between good and bad, grief and joy, black and white—the messy, gray, in-between space that makes no sense. Growing up in a mixed-race family, Jessica Taylor was very accustomed to feeling like she didn’t fit in, but God had a plan to use that to her advantage. In the midst of adversity and great loss, Jessica goes on a journey to discover that the mysterious in- between is where God is.

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Diversity at Multnomah

We seek to foster an inclusive environment at Multnomah so that students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds can discover what they were made for together.


College Majors

From Bible and Theology to Accounting or Biology, you can pursue your calling at Multnomah and discover how your callings impact your career. You are more than a student.


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