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We are made for More

Callings impact careers. From Bible and Theology to Accounting or Biology; pursue your walk of life at Multnomah. You are more than a student. Explore how Jesus turned these MU family members’ ideas about identity on their heads, and discover that you are made for more.

Tim Bieri

More than an Athlete

As a competitive, driven basketball player, Tim thought that his future was in professional sports, but God used disappointment and failure to gently steer Tim towards the life he was made for.

Female professor seated for interview.

Karen Fancher

More than a Minister

With a passion for ministry and a love for other cultures, Karen travels the globe to confirm her calling and discover how God wanted to use her for His redemptive purposes.

Christy Martin

More than a Dean

An unenthusiastic student who felt called into youth ministry goes on a humbling journey to discover that higher education might be more fulfilling than she originally assumed.

Dalon Parker

More than an Athlete

As a young, African American man growing up in a single-parent household, Dalon learns the meaning of family from his mom, his community, and his career as a coach and an athlete.

Jessica Taylor

More than a Minority

Caught in the tension between races and emotions, Jessica navigates the tragedy of losing children. In the process, she learns that God created her to exist in spaces that don’t make sense.

Heather Lohmolder

More than a Businesswoman

An ambitious and successful businesswoman, Heather confronts her inexperience with the failure. Along the way, she learns to redefine success by God’s standards.

Debbie Whitehead

More than an Accountant

Debbie is a woman who enjoys being in the background serving others. As a Certified Public Accountant, she finds ways to form relationships with those she assists with finances.

Jason Stuckey

More than a Scientist

Jason discovers his love for Soil Science at an early age and faithfully commits to the educational journey required to accomplish the task that God set before him.

Woman with colorful scarf seated for interview.

Lisa Hezmalhalch

More than a Minister

What do you do when the answer to “What do you want to do for a living?” is something as intangible as love? Lisa goes on a lifelong journey to answer that question.

Robby Larson

More than a Marketer

As an ambitious man with strong leadership qualities, Robby Larson put himself on the path towards corporate marketing, aiming for notoriety and success. But God had other plans for his life.

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